Sunday, September 26, 2010

More Bliss...

Several months ago I won a fun giveaway from Margot of The Pattern Basket.  Not only did I receive the most wonderful Moda ribbon heart handmade by her, but I also received several of her patterns.  One in particular I've been saving to use with Bliss, and even though cutting out a few projects was the only thing I was supposed to be doing Saturday...I managed to stitch up a few blocks!

The pattern is "Sugar Twist," and it's fun and easy to sew!  The pattern calls for a Layer Cake; however, it can easily be made with Jelly Roll strips or from part of a fat eighth or fat quarter bundle.

I have the rest of the blocks cut, coordinated, and ready to sew...safely stored in a Costco strawberry container (thanks again for the idea Rae Ann)! Oh...and I can't wait...I just got an e-mail that this book (Simplify with Camille Roskelley: Quilts for the Modern Home (Stash Books)) will be shipping to me this week....I'm soo looking forward to reading it!

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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Just a Couple of Ideas...

I'm posting today over at Stash Manicure today...go here to read just a couple of my ideas for organizing and keeping up with projects!  Have a great day!

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Monday, September 20, 2010


Since fall will officially arrive here in a few days I thought it was time to put away these...

And start decorating with my quilts like this!  Maybe getting the fall quilts out will help the temperatures to drop a little!

I've read much in the blog world lately about savoring the quilting's definitely food for thought.  As a new quilter I'm not sure I ever took the time to really enjoy quilting as an art, but more and more I find myself understanding a true appreciation for each step of the quilting process. I've been piecing these stars one star at a time--even though they would go together lots faster if I chain-pieced.  I've just really enjoyed seeing them "come to life."

And I've had fun picking the perfect inner and outer ribbons to border them.  The fabrics I'm using are Luna Notte' by Moda, and the pattern is "Rosettes" by Joanna Figueroa.

I have eight blocks finished...eight more to go.  I'm not so sure about the outer black ribbon in the block on the lower right hand corner...I might have to change that out, but I'll wait until I've finished the rest of the blocks to decide.

And four blocks are now finished in the FatQuarterShop Designer Mystery Block of the Month...this month's tree block was designed by Heather Mulder Peterson...what a great quilt this is going to be! I've never been good at waiting each month for a block of the month to arrive...but this one is always well worth the wait! Have a terrific day!

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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Thank You!

I need to say thank you...first, thank you to those who swapped or sent pieces of Flea Market Fancy from your stash for my Flea Market Fancy hexagon project.  I'm so grateful...fabric arrived from the U.S. and Canada.  One piece arrived in an envelope with no return thank you so  much. I never thought I'd be able to collect this many hexagons.  Unbelievably, I'm now only missing four pieces--the small posies on orange, the other green bubble dots, the small seeds on grey, and the blue medallions. I'm definitely going to figure out my arrangement, choose a background fabric and frame this project when I'm finished.

Another big thanks to Thelma...for enabling me to finished my Shangri La jelly roll sampler quilt along quilt.  I have a "rule" that when I join a quilt-along I have to use fabrics from my stash ( except for borders, backing, and binding).  When I decided to use this Shangri La jelly roll I was sure I knew of a quilt shop where I could find border and binding pieces...of course when I went to pick some up the fabric had all sold. Then just a few days later I saw a Shangri-La quilt on Thelma's blog--she went back to the shop, picked up border and binding fabrics and sent them right away.  Quilter's are an amazing group...thank you Thelma!

And then, yesterday, I had another surprise in the mail...a beautiful scissor fob made and sent by Darlene. I had seen some of these on her blog but had no idea I would be a recipient...thank you so much Darlene!  It's gorgeous--wish I could have gotten a better picture.

I'm definitely going to be working on some "thank you" gifts in the near future! 

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Monday, September 13, 2010

It was a Blissful Weekend...

I'd been wanting to make this quilt for so long...

I've had the Schnibbles pattern "Short Story" for quite a while now but wanted to make it with Bliss (by Bonnie and Camille for Moda)...and I absolutely love the way it turned out! The pattern actually calls for charm packs, but since all the pieces are cut from 1 1/2" strips I cut strips instead, and I think it saved a lot of time cutting...not to mention that my left-over pieces are perfect for honeybun projects or string quilts. 

Now that Bliss yardage is available (I got mine at FatQuarterShop) I was also able to get the outer border on my Bliss "Paper Roses" quilt...
Two quilts I ♥...both finished in one Blissful weekend!

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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Wonderful Wednesday

I haven't done a Wonderful Wednesday post since February...but seeing Jackie's post this morning reminded me that I ought to do another. Today is a wonderful Wednesday! I spent all day (about 12 hours) yesterday painting our guest room--now all that's left is to decide which quilts to hang on the walls. And can I tell you painting gets harder as you get older--I love to paint and knew my arms would be sore today...but my thighs?  Guess going up and down a ladder hundreds of times is a workout! Anyway, this bundle of Bliss arrived on my doorstep this morning...and now I've forgotten all about my aches and pains!

Delightful red rick rack...the perfect red also arrived...Thank You!

And I'm also grateful today for some Flea Market Fancy that came last week. I arrived quite late to the Flea Market Fancy party and was thankful to get two very kind emails last week from bloggers offering to swap some fabric for some swatches of this wonderful fabric...swatches the perfect size for...

Flea Market Fancy hexagons...I now have 27 of the 45 pieces I've been able to count and plan on either making a pillow or a framed piece with these when I have a few more.

And so now I'm off to sew. (This is quite posssibly the last picture of this Bliss bundle as you see it...because I need to sew with it...if I can only narrow down my list of projects)!  Hope you have a wonderful Wednesday!

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Friday, September 3, 2010

They Go Together...And Go! Winner

Meadowsweet and Meadowsweet 2...two very summery quilts.  I heart them both.

I didn't realize it until both were complete...but I used the same print for outer borders (in two different color ways), and I used a white binding on both quilts.

The strawberries are some of my favorite them in Meadowsweet 2...(Pattern for Meadowsweet 2 quilt is "June Bug" by Camille).

And in Meadowsweet (Pattern for Meadowsweet is "Modern Day Diamonds" by Heather Mulder Peterson).

Two quilts...two color stories...they go together!

And now for the Accuquilt Go! winner...there were 795 comments in all, and I'm still trying to get around and visit all the "new to me" blogs I found through the giveaway.  A big congratulations to Carrie who said:

Carrie P. said...

My first entry:

the dies I would pick would be the dresden, tumbler, and hexagon.

August 30, 2010 1:43 PM

Have a wonderful weekend...hope you get to sew!

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Thursday, September 2, 2010


First, I want to officially introduce you to Le Petite...A Year of Small Projects.  Our first small project is to make an ironing board cover...send a before and after picture by October 14th to be entered in the parade on the fifteenth.  Project number 2 is to make any version of "Paganini"...submit photo by October 31st for the parade on November 1st.  Sinta and I have a lot of fun ideas for the coming please join in!  Oh, and don't forget...October 1st will be our final parade for the Year of Schnibbles...please submit links to your post with all 12 projects by September 30th...those who finished all twelve projects will be eligible for a grand prize drawing!

Next, it's time to indroduce the winners from yesterday's parade...first up is Jo from Jo's Country Junction who wins the $50 gift certificate from Fat Quarter Shop.

Stina wins the $25 gift certificate from Cottage Quilts.

Julia of Little Girl Quilts wins the $25 gift certificate from Quilter's Paradise.

Sandy F. (no blog) wins the $10 gift certificate from Quilt Taffy.

Lisa wins the Moda scrap bag from Bear Paw Quilts.

And from Carrie...a winner from each parade gets a Fandango layer cake! Those two lucky winners are Cynthia from Sinta's parade and Polly from my parade...congratulations to everyone...and thank you to Carrie and our sponsor shops!

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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Paganini and a Parade

The Dream On and City Weekend half-square triangles are now..."Paganini!"

"Paganini" is one of Carrie's newest Schnibble patterns...and it's our very first project for the next year of small projects...called..."Le Petite!"  We will be making small projects each month and having parades each month as well...we'll be doing several Schnibbles along the way...and everyone is welcome to join in!
My quilt isn't quite finished...I'll have to wait until yardage is available for Dream On so that I can add my  inner scalloped border...but this is what the border will look like...

I LOVE Carrie's version made with Bliss...showing off the border I'll be adding.

But'll have four choices for this project..."Paganini" is actually four designs in one pattern...this Fresh Cottons version is fun, too!

And look at the quilt made in solids...gorgeous!

And another version with reproduction fabrics and dark sashing and background.  You'll have until October 31st to make your version of "Paganini"--parade on November 1st...please join in with Sinta and I as we start a new year of projects (we'll have a button for "Le Petite" soon)!

And now for our parade...if you remember we had two choices, "Plan C" and "Short Story."  More "Plan C" quilts were made...but we also got several "Short Story" projects entered! Lisa used Zippity Doo Da for this fun version of "Plan C!"

Trisha used Kona white and lots of colorful fabrics from her stash to make "Short Story."

Marianne used Botany for her "Plan C" and changed up the outer borders.

Regena also made "Plan C" with a border!

Polly used the Mary Engelbreit fabric Attitude can see the cute back on her blog!

Paulette (no blog) used A Breath of Avignon for "Short Story."

Penny (who is joining us today for the first time) made a miniature version of "Plan C"--yes, one-inch squares!  Love this!

Simone used A Breath of Avignon for her "Plan C" and also did a different border.

Rita (no blog) used Nottingham Village for her "Plan C."

Robin increased the block size from "Plan C" to 12 1/2" to make a baby quilt.

Sandie L used the beautiful Park Avenue by Moda for her "Plan C."

Sandy F (no blog) used Building Blocks by American Jane for her bright, cheery "Plan C."

Suzie also used Botany...making "Short Story."

Stina made a beautiful "Short Story" with applique'd flowers on the side.  You can visit her blog to see her fun post with all of her Schnibbles on a clothesline (except the Tuffets, of course)!

Susanne used Old Primrose Inn for her version of "Short Story."

Now, remember earlier when I said you had until the end of October to make "Paganini?" The reason for the extra time is another fun project we want to share with you..."The Great Cover Up" project!  Sinta and I are going to have a parade on October 15th of before and after ironing if your ironing board cover is lacking in style...or just really old and is the perfect opportunity to make a new cover.  Sinta will be having a tutorial in a few days to give you some ideas.  There are also some fun ironing board cover patterns available that you are free to use( I love this one by Bonnie at Cotton Way).  Just send a before and after picture to Sinta or I by October 14th to be entered in the parade...and feel free to copy the button above if you're participating!  Whew...and also...just a bit of information for those of you who have made all 12 Schnibbles...we will be having a parade October 1st for that.  Please post all 12 projects on your blog sometime in between now and then (we know some of you have already done so...)...send us the link...and on October 1st there will be a parade and a Grand Prize drawing for those who have completed the whole year of Schibbles.

So...October 1st...Year of Schnibbles Parade...October 15th The Great Cover-Up Parade...and November 1st...Paganini Parade...first project for "Le Petite!"  Feel free to e-mail with any questions!  Have a great day!

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