Sunday, November 29, 2009

Seeing Red

I've been thinking about "red" a lot lately. First there was this post by Nicole that got me thinking about red shoes. Then, I kept hearing about a red scalloped cake plate at Target (from Elizabeth, Pam, Camille, and Pat just to name a few). Luckily I was able to pick one up after visiting only one store!

I've noticed a lot of red around my home as the Christmas quilts are being taken out of the chests and closets...

And...I've bound 6 quilts in the last ten days...all of which have red bindings on them!

They're not all Christmas quilts...the quilt above is one I'd used mostly Chocolat' by Moda for, but didn't ever purchase fabric for binding. I noticed the other day that the solid red tonal of Glace' matched perfectly...and now this quilt that's been sitting for over a year and half without a binding is getting bound!

I noticed that even the blocks I've been working on lately have red in them. Block 6 from Fat Quarter Shop's Designer Mystery Block of the Month arrived a couple of weeks ago, and I finished it this weekend.

I also worked on finishing my December Schnibbles this weekend...and it has red in it too...but I can't share that until Tuesday!

Hope you have a wonderful week...see you on Tuesday!
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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Table Topper Tutorial

Well, I've been busy this week with pattern testing and bindings...but I did want to share the instructions for this fun table topper with you. I didn't take enough pictures while I was making the Verna topper, so I made another using my Martinique squares. I actually constructed the topper a little bit differently the second time, so I'll provide directions for both methods. The Verna topper was actually constructed by making four blocks and then sewing them together, while the Martinique topper was put together in rows, making one large block. The borders are exactly the same for both quilts, and the finished measurements for both quilts are identical. The four block method is a little bit more time-consuming...and requires a little more precision in lining up points; however, I like the look of the four block topper a little better.

What you need: For both quilts you'll need one pack of 40-2 1/2" squares from a Moda Bake Shop Sampler Box, and 1/2 yard of background fabric. Cut 2-2 1/2" by width of fabric strips of background fabric for borders. For the four block method you'll also need: 8-2 3/4" squares of background fabric cut in half once diagonally for corner pieces, 8-4 7/8" squares of background fabric cut in half twice diagonally for side triangles, and 16- 2 1/2" squares of background fabric for alternating squares.
For the row/single block method you'll also need: 2-2 3/4" squares of background fabric cut in half once diagonally for corner pieces, 5-4 7/8" squares of background fabric cut in half twice diagonally for side triangles, and 25-2 1/2" squares of background fabric for alternating squares.

Cut your side and corner pieces as directed.

For the four-block method you will choose 9 print fabrics for each block and lay out alternating with background squares. Repeat four times so that you have four blocks put together in pleasing color combinations. You will have 4 print fabrics left these for the border corner posts.

Go ahead and lay out the side triangles and corner triangles (corner triangles not pictured here). Don't worry that the triangles seem a little can trim them later.

If you are using the row/single block method...lay out the whole quilt at this time using 36 colored squares and all of the background squares and triangles. You will have four colored squares left these for the border corner posts.

Now the construction is the same...start sewing pieces together in rows using a scant 1/4" seam allowance. Don't sew any of the corner triangles yet (there will be 16 corner triangles to add for the four block quilt and 4 corner triangles for the other one). Press all seams towards the sampler box squares.

Next you'll sew the individual rows together. Each block in the four block quilt will have 5 rows. The single block quilt will have 11 rows to sew together. For the single block quilt I sewed six rows together; I then sewed the other five rows together before sewing the two halves together into one piece. After adding each row, press to one side.
For the four block quilt: after each block has all five rows sewn together, sew the corners onto each block. Each block now needs to be trimmed. Line up the 1/4" line of your ruler with the outer point of each colored square and trim. Repeat for all four sides of all four blocks. You will then sew the top two blocks together and the bottom two blocks together--sorry, no picture for this (press seams open now--this will help the triangles to lay flat). Then sew the four blocks together again pressing seams open.
For the row/single block quilt: After all 11 rows are sewn together, add the four corner blocks. At this time you will use a 24" ruler to trim all four sides. Line the 1/4" line of the ruler up with the point of each colored square and trim as described above. Be sure to leave 1/4" of fabric around all edges so that the points of your colored squares won't disappear when you add your borders.

Now measure your topper through the center (in each direction) to find the measurement to cut your border strips. This measurement should be close to 18". Lay out your border strips and the remaining four colored squares. Sew the left and right border strips to your quilt, pressing towards the borders. Then, sew the squares to the left and right sides of the remaining two border strips. Again, press towards the border fabric. Then, sew the top and bottom border fabric strips to the top and bottom of your quilt. Press towards borders, and you're done!

Now you're ready to layer, quilt, and bind...unless you want to add an additonal outer border (I'm going to wait for yardage to come out in both of these lines so I can add a border and binding from the line).

Your finished topper should measure about 22 by 22. I hope these directions were okay...if you have any questions at all, please feel free to e-mail me! I have a couple of other designs in mind for some of my other Moda Sampler Box squares...I'll share them with you as well! Have a great day!
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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Verna, Mail, and Other Things

I heart these fabrics...all 40 of them! I don't have a favorite yet--don't know if I will ever be able to choose just one--they're all wonderful!

I had to use them right away, and I wanted to use all 40 squares in the same project. So I designed this fun little table topper (tutorial coming soon)! The fabric came from my Moda Sampler Box and is Verna by Kate Spain (who has a blog here). I love this in Fat Quarter Bundle love this line! Seriously, how much can you treasure 40 2 1/2" squares of one line of fabric. It's going to be hard to wait until next year for this line because it's amazing! I have a list of things I want to make with it already! I still want to put an outer border on this little quilt...but that will have to wait.

I received some great mail this week...I won a copy of the new Quiltmaker magazine with 100 blocks by some amazing designers...When they said it would arrive really did! I plan on making a sampler quilt using blocks designed by the quilters whose blogs I read!

And...I won some Bar Harbor from the fabulous blog of Minick and Simpson. If this fabric looks like it has a sheen to's coated in vinyl...three wonderful yards. I'm going to have a lot of fun making cushions for some of my patio furniture...after I make a tote bag!

I also wanted to share this wonderful book by Rosalie Quinlan...I was able to find a copy last week while on a shop hop in Las Vegas. This book is pure eye candy and wonderful inspiration. To see some of the wonderful projects, go to Lori's blog here...she also recently found this book and has a wonderful post about it!
Can you tell what this last picture is? Two quilts...both out of Simple Abundance. I couldn't decide which one to bind first, so I'm binding them both at the same time...silly me!
Well, that's all for today...hope you have a wonderful day and that you get to sew!
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Thursday, November 12, 2009

"Love" this bag...

I finally had a chance to finish my little project with the Amy Butler "Love" fabrics I picked up. Well, actually a couple of projects...but they go together. This is the front of my new bag along with a smaller bag to go inside.

I used every print in the collection--and doubled up on a few of my favorites. This is the back of the bag...don't know which I like better! I used Nanette's pattern again...I return to her pattern again and again because I love both the shape and size...and because it showcases fabrics so well!
Okay...well that's all for now...back to sewing! Have a great day!
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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

This and That

A rare occasion today...a picture of food on my blog! I'm not a wonderful cook, so you won't see this often...but yesterday my kids wanted homemade pizza for dinner...and I could not find my pizza dough recipe...anywhere! Luckily, I had just finished reading The Pioneer Woman Cooks: Recipes from an Accidental Country Girl by Ree Drummond and remembered there was a pizza dough recipe in the book. was wonderful pizza dough...and the book is wonderful as well...I read it cover to cover the day I received it!

Since one of these Moda Sampler Boxes is on it's way(thank you for the picture, Jackie)...I decided to play around with a sampler pack of squares I had on hand already. There is a lot that can be done with 2 1/2" squares! I've been patiently anxiously waiting for this to arrive and really want to have some small projects ready to go for these fabrics.

This is 9-Patch Fun from Fit to be Framed Set 11 by Lori Smith...116 pieces, and all but the four outer border pieces can be cut from a 2 1/2" square! I used 20 2 1/2" squares from Collections for a Cause Alliance by Moda along with some neutrals from my stash to mix it up a bit. It finishes at about 11 by 14. Vickie also has been playing with these small sampler squares and shows her first mini quilt on her blog today.

And I have to share this block...I love it...I've started a quilt from Kim's book, Scrap Basket Surprises that I absolutely love. Not only do I love the design, but it's a fun and easy quilt to make...I should have more rows completed soon (oh, the pattern I'm making is called "Kitchen Sink"--and I'm using a Beach House jelly roll along with neutrals from my stash).

If things seem crazy for might enjoy the wisdom in this wonderful, short, simple post from SouleMama yesterday. Have a great day!
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Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Finally...although I don't know why...I'm feeling like things have slowed down a little...never mind that Christmas is on the way and I'm behind on all my projects...for whatever reason things seem a little slower this week. What was it about September and October? They seemed so rushed! Just this afternoon I finished my Cameos Christmas quilt top...the colors in the photo didn't come out as bright as they actually are...the pictures when I first posted this are a better representation of the true colors.

Last month I completely missed the boat on my Charming Girls' Quilt Club projects...although I did finish quite a few projects, I forgot to post about them! I really appreciate Kelly's idea to have this's great motivation! get back on track this first goal will be to piece a scrappy back for my Christmas Cameo quilt, and my second goal for Charming Girls' is to make my Cobblestones quilt top for the Fig Tree Club (can't wait to make this quilt)! My third goal (and I don't have a photo for this one) is to finish the November Tisket a Tasket block from Anne (it comes out tomorrow)! I do have quite a few other things to finish this month, but I can't share them either...Schnibbles and gifts mostly!
Hope you have a wonderful day!
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Monday, November 2, 2009


I can't post without at least a picture or before I announce the winners from our Schnibbles Parade this weekend, I'll share a couple of things I was able to work on Saturday.

First I made a couple more of Rachel's Friendship bags using Flower Sugar. I think they'll be great to have on hand for gifts. Then I started a project using Amy Butler's Love...hopefully I'll finish this one soon! for the winners! Carrie posted her winners yesterday here. From Sinta's parade Megan of Crooked Seams won, and from my parade Jocelyn of Happy Cottage Quilter. Megan and Jocelyn please contact Carrie if you haven't already done so!

And now for the rest of the prizes...from my parade Carol won the gift certificate from FatQuarter Shop, and Stina won the gift certificate from Quilt Taffy! From Sinta's parade Judith won the Havasu Quilts prize, KJ Quilts won the Cottage Quilts gift certificate, and Quilting in Tattaville won the prize from Bear Paw Quilts! Congrats to all the winners...send me an e-mail, and we'll get these on the way!

And have fun working on those Picnics! Oh, and did you see there is something new Carrie has announced today over at her blog...sounds like fun! Have a great day!
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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Schnibbles Parade!

Well, it's November first...the big parade...but, first things you recognize this Schnibbles pattern???

It's one of my favorites...

The November Schnibble is..."Picnic!" Mine is made with Simple Abundance by Moda (thank you for the suggestion, Carrie)! I had a great time making this pattern and can't wait to see all of the "Picnic" quilts on December 1st! A couple of ladies requested fabric requirements so they could start gathering materials while waiting for their patterns to arrive...I thought that was a great for "Picnic" you'll need 2 charm packs, 7/8 yard for background and inner border, 1/3 yard for binding, and 1 1/8 yard for backing.

We have some great prizes this month. First, from Carrie is a Happy Campers by American Jane for Moda Jelly Roll and a Miss Rosie's Quilt Co. project bag! Carrie will announce the winner of her giveaway on her blog! We also have some giveaways from some of our featured shops! We really appreciate these shops stocking the patterns and making it easier for you to get them, especially for those of you who don't live close to a quilt shop!

The wonderful Fat Quarter Shop girls have donated a $50 gift certificate!

And we also have a $25 gift certificate from Cottage Quilts!

Havasu Quilts is giving away this great panel and Fabulous Fall fabrics by Moda!

And Quilt Taffy is giving away a $10 gift certificate!

Finally, we have 2 charm packs from Bear Paw Quilts! Sinta and I will announce the winners of these prizes tomorrow. We'll do random draws from each parade! And now, as they say...on with the show! I can't tell you how fun it's been to see each quilt come in. It is so fun to see one pattern made up in so many ways...there is just so much wonderful creativity out there!

This version comes to us from Karen.

And this version is Andee's who used Moda's Harmony line.

Here is a fun version from Strlady...she used Crazy 8's by!
This version is done in Jo Morton fabrics and comes to us from Edith.

Next up is this delightful Valentine's version from Kari of Fresh Cut Quilts!

Here is the "Cindy Lou Who" from Ginger Patches. She used Peace on Earth, Winter, and Roman Holiday--all from Moda.
Stina used French General Rouenneries fabrics by Moda along with some from her stash...she finished one hour before midnight!!!

This version comes from Simone...what wonderful bright colors! Simone's quilt is completely finished, quilted, and bound!

This quilt is Julia's. Her quilt isn't quilted yet...but for good reason. She is going to do redwork stitchery in the snowball blocks! What a terrific idea!

This quilt is Christy's. She used the Mary Engelbreit fabric The Caroler for her "Cindy Lou Who!" Love this!

This is from Trish of Quilt Tales. She used Thimbleberries and Civil War prints from her stash and only had to purchase backing!

This is from Jocelyn of Happy Cottage Quilter. She used fabrics from her Civil War stash to complete her quilt!

This quilt is from Ariane. She used Christmas fabrics from her stash, and it's lovely!

This is from Anne of Batik's by the Bay. She plans on using a navy fabric to bind it with which will be stunning!

This quilt is from Aimee. She used Spooktacular and even machine quilted this herself using a free-hand drawn spiderweb!

Carol of Carol's Craft Blog used's gorgeous! Carol made a terrific label for the back of her quilt using selvedges so that she'll always know the name of the line of fabrics she used...clever!

This is Regena's. She also made her quilt a little larger.

This is from Di at Quilting is Blissful! She has hand-quilted her quilt already!

And finally...this is Terri's version of Cindy Lou Who! What a parade! You can see the rest of the quilts over at Sinta's blog! Also, be sure to head over to Carrie's blog as well.

I'll be back tomorrow with our giveaway winners...and I can't wait to see those pictures of "Picnic" quilts start coming in! Have a great day!
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